Personalized Harp Music




“Almitra’s Question” was written for a wedding and inspired by a reading.

If you have a favorite poem, cherished wedding vows, old love letters or picture, I can set it to music for you.  What a memorable anniversary gift!  You get the performance, a written copy of the music, and a CD recording of your song.  It’s a beautiful way to keep the fire burning between you.





“Catherine Darlin’” was written for a friend’s birthday and inspired by a slightly exaggerated story.

Are you looking for an unusual birthday gift? Do you need to come up with a humorous story to roast a very creative or clever friend?  Is the pressure on you to make it unique?  Put the pressure on me to find the story in you, and I will set it to music. You have several options of delivery:  live performance, CD recording, and/or written copy of the song.






“Una Noche”   Painting with sound happens naturally.  A picture inspired this music to magically appear as a sound track in a dream.

Are you a painter, sculptor, metal artist . . . about to Web Cast your opening or have your first showing?  Choose the art pieces you wish to feature, send me pictures of each in advance and I will give you my musical interpretation of each.  We can even do a live performance or simply a CD recording.  Either can be used as a sound track for Web or live showing.





“Come With Me” was composed as a Harp-o-gram™ for a marriage proposal!

If you want to state your feelings with gusto but you are the inhibited type, let me be your Cyrano.  I will show up with my harp, in full gown at a public venue, and perform your thoughts and feelings in song.  Make the moment even more memorable by filming it for your children’s children; they will get a chuckle.



 Here is what people are saying:

“You don’t need an analyst to know that music and laughter are a recipe for happiness. And Toni’s downright ecstatic.”

Father  “H”, Slightly Inebriated Fan



 “…Her theatrical and piano background has played a strong role in the intensity and versatility of her music. Finally! A musician first, then a harpist.”




“…She can pick up a tune as fast as I can hum it.”

Alfredo Ortez, Harpist



“…Toni plays dance style on an instrument that is seldom heard to keep a beat.”

Robin Grenon, Harpist/Quebec



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Tocato Tango

created by Joni Bowen.