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Teaching is my passion.  My job is to help you define your personal goals and teach the skills necessary to achieve them.  We try to come up with clever, creative and fun ways to present information so it’s easy for you to understand and remember.   Watching a student’s face light up when they realize they are capable of achieving is the greatest gift.  Laughing with a student as I literally stand on my head to explain the fundamentals of music . . . Now that’s what I call fun!

I have always wanted to teach, so getting a music education degree at Peabody Conservatory of Music, then teaching at several Baltimore County schools were the first steps to having my own studio. Leading workshops on music and movement made me aware of the “elephant in the room,” fear of looking stupid.  Theatre improvisation classes taught me how to get rid of that elephant.  Teaching kindergarten and music at Beach School on Lummi Island gave me access to early child development workshops, psychology classes and courses on teaching children with special learning needs.

My philosophy is, teach music based on common sense. You have a goal or reason for being in my studio. Sometimes it is not music related. For example, a person might take up an instrument to relieve stress or exercise the brain. Everybody is different, so it doesn’t make sense to force students into a one size fits all program.

I now use that information to help me identify a student’s dominant or preferred mode of learning, then form teaching strategies specific to that student in my own studio. This is even more essential when teaching adults. You can teach an old dog new tricks if you speak their language.

How I Teach

Tocato Tango

created by Joni Bowen.